With the extensive reach of mobile devices, QR codes are offering endless marketing opportunities for advertisers, marketers and brands to engage with target audiences and generate successful mobile campaigns. By simply scanning QR and Data Matrix codes on newspapers, business cards, packaging and billboards, consumers are directed to the web content that the barcodes relate to. This gives them instant mobile access to view videos, music, and favorite websites, receive directional maps, special discount offers and online prices, send an SMS, make a call and even save contacts to their mobile address books - with no need to type URLs. Please contact us for more information.

Advertisers, marketers and brands use 3GVision’s i-nigma to:

Increase consumer interaction

The i-nigma reader makes it easy for mobile consumers to respond on the go to mobile campaigns. For example, a consumer sees a 2D barcode embedded on a CD cover or an advertisement. The advertisement prompts the user to scan the 2D barcode that instantly redirects them to a mobile site offering free items like a ringtone, discounts, coupons or even the opportunity to listen to a single clip before deciding to buy the CD. 


Enrich and Enliven Campaigns

Mobile barcodes help link static media to interactive mobile and web based content enabling the creation of innovative and engaging campaigns, incorporating digital and multimedia content. This seamless link between the physical world and the digital domain provides a wide range of cross platform marketing opportunities, delivering fun and dynamic mobile experiences to consumers. Marketers, brands and advertisers use 3GVision’s i-nigma to include the following features in their campaigns and packaging:
  • Lottery, draw, win a prize
  • Coupons and special discounts
  • Download games, ringtones, wallpapers, videos
  • Maps
  • Give more information on products, services



Optimize Mobile Campaigns for Maximum ROI

Using i-nigma barcode-creation, advanced campaign management and detailed reporting and analytics tools allows for intelligent decision making of on-going campaigns, enabling marketers to enhance strategies and tactics in real-time. Amongst others, 3GVision's solutions provide real-time reports on the number of times barcodes are scanned, which media the barcode appeared on (newspaper, magazine, poster, billboard, digital signs etc.) and geographical locations that are the most effective for placement of ads. These powerful tools help marketers, advertisers and brands optimize mobile campaigns for maximum ROI.


Green Application

Barcodes embedded on packaged goods can provide information previously limited by space (recommendations, features etc.) As such it is an excellent tool to reduce use of ink and save paper

Key Benefits

  • Seamless integration between mobile and other channels such as print, TV and internet
  • Limitless possibilities for marketers, brands and advertises to interact with the consumer and engage in innovative marketing campaigns
  • Increase ROI from mobile marketing and mobile advertising campaigns

Please contact us for more information.

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