Publishers and content creators continuously search for ways to draw the attention of people that do not read books and/or get their news on the web. 3Gvision’s i-nigma offers them several possibilities, to increase reader circulation, improve their operational efficiency and revenues. Please contact us for more information.

Publishers and content creators use 3GVision’s i-nigma to:

Bridge Offline Media to Online Media

Connecting printed content to the mobile internet enables publishers and content creators to offer readers interactive mobile experiences with content anywhere, in real time 24/7/365. For example, publishers have the ability to send readers to menus of reviewed restaurants, buy a ticket to a concert, or send them directly to a map of how to get to a particular event reviewed in the newspaper. 


Enrich and Enliven Content

Content providers use i-nigma to add digital, multimedia content to create richer content like interactive museum exhibits, multimedia book content and even real estate flyers. Similarly, publishers use mobile barcodes to promote content and advertising. For example:
  • Breaking news alerts and headlines/news updates/video news
  • Video clips to accompany relevant stories (news, sports, movie trailers, music etc.) and also product or service
  • Audio clips related to a story, product or service
  • Pictures related to a story, product or service
  • Easy access to content: recipes, tips, jokes, riddles, horoscope, games etc.


Save Paper-Space

Advertisers move from traditional mediums like magazines to online mediums has forced many publishers to scale back the number of pages they print and consequently, publish fewer and shorter stories. To solve this, publishers place barcodes in their stories that send readers to the online full version of the story, with their mobile devices. In this way, publishers save paper money and readers have easy access to longer versions of stories available online.


Increase reader circulation and link to blogs

Mobile barcodes are used to easily access the web URL of a story a reader is interested in and even, send it to their social sites such as tweeter to be read by a wider audience. Similarly, barcodes are used to link a story to relevant blogs. This gives readers more information on the reported topic and also the ability to provide their own feedback.


Optimize marketing and advertising campaign performance

3GVision’s i-nigma provides publishers and content creators with a unique tracking toolset to help advertisers create targeted, relevant and timely campaigns to optimize ROI.  For example, the solution enables publishers to measure consumers’ response to printed content in real-time and find out what advertisements are of most interest to readers.

Key Benefits

  • Make print interactive enabling people to interact with advertising and editorial content  anywhere, in real time 24/7/365
  • Comprehensive editorial and advertising management capabilities including full analysis on performance and management
  • Make editorial content and advertisement more appealing to readers, promoting increased readers and higher sales.

Please contact us for more information.

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