3GVision's solutions capitalize on the convergence of two broad industry trends: the development of image processing technologies for the mobile internet and the massive adaptation of mobile phones.

Image processing technologies were around well before the camera had made its debut, in the form of technologies such as OCR, mosaicing, motion detection and automatic image enhancements. However, two major obstacles restricted their use in the camera phone. Namely, the input image from a relatively low quality camera (compared with a scanner or high quality digital stills camera) and the nature of the computing environment was limited by substantial speed and space limitations, primarily the mobile internet.

Today, the mobile handset has rapidly evolved into a multi-media handheld computer, with the integration of the mobile camera, video and gaming, content search and other capabilities. Similarly, mobile devices like Apples iPod are changing the communication habits of millions of consumers when outside the home. These developments have led to the emergence of a wide range of innovative mobile applications and services offering customers vast business opportunities in mobile advertising, mobile marketing, print-to-web integration as well as for M-commerce, E-Ticketing and mobile payment.

Back in 2000, with the appearance of the first camera phones on the market, 3GVision developed a vision that has driven the development of the company to this day: camera phones can do much more than just taking pictures. With this vision, and the vast experience of 3GVision's R&D team, the company decided to bring image processing technologies to the camera phone. By design, 3GVision's technologies are optimized to the limited resources of the mobile phone, with minimal memory footprint and minimal processing power, allowing them to run on mass-market mobile devices.

3GVision holds several key patents in the area of image recognition for mass market mobile devices. Our products are designed to be easily integrated into 3rd party solutions or to be applied in stand-alone solutions for marketing campaigns offering mobile operators, mobile services companies, publishers, advertisers and marketers new ways to take advantage of the mobile internet.

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