2D Barcodes and i-nigma Reader Deliver Charles Rennie Mackintosh Mobile Phone Tours

Glasgow, Scotland, 14th April, 2010 – From this weekend, visitors to Glasgow will be able to take part in a trial using two-dimensional barcodes to download architectural tours of Glasgow direct to mobile phones. It is thought to be the first time the technology has been used like this to deliver a tour in the UK.
Three tours have been created by the Mackintosh Heritage Group to help visitors discover some of the great architectural works of Glasgow, including those Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson.

The tours are accessed by using a QR code through the camera on a mobile phone. QR, or ‘quick-response', codes are two-dimensional barcodes capable of holding information in a square image using black and white dots. Users point at the image with 3GVision’s i-nigma, the most widely used barcode reader, on their phone. This decodes the pattern and automatically downloads their choice of tour as a portable document (PDF).
Within the next few days, the codes will be distributed on cards to visitors to the Mackintosh attractions in Glasgow and other key spots for tourists. The cards contain a QR code image alongside easy instructions on how to get hold of the required software for their phone while on the move.
The group is also working on promoting the codes on posters and stickers inside the venues. The website http://www.glasgowmackintosh.com/ has printable versions of the tours if visitors don’t have a compatible phone.

Already an established technology in Japan, the QR codes are set to receive a boost in the UK. Social networking giant Facebook is rumoured to be rolling them out across their site as they look to seize a share of the location based services. Marketers, advertising agencies and brands around the world, are already using them for interactive mobile advertising and marketing campaigns, integrating digital content. In addition to code-scanning software for the phone itself, i-nigma also incorporates a highly intuitive and simple code-creation, campaign management and metrics reporting platform to track the performance of campaigns, interpret the results in real-time and immediately apply the knowledge to existing campaigns.
The market for mobile services is growing every day with the adoption of more powerful devices like Blackberrys, iphones and handsets using Google’s Android and the Windows Mobile operating system. The i-nigma reader supports more than 400 GSM mobile phones, across all leading mobile operating systems and platforms: Java, Symbian, S60/UIQ, Windows Mobile, iPhone and Brew.

Stuart Robertson, Chair of the Mackintosh Heritage Group said, “People are often unaware of the history and artistry that surrounds them. By delivering these tours directly into people’s hands we can help them discover the legacy of Mackintosh and other great Glasgow architects.”

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