3GVision and Vidiemme Consulting Join Forces to Deliver Mobile Barcode Reading Solutions via i-nigma


Thousands Already Scanning 2D Codes from Italian Newspapers and Magazines Every Day
Milan, Italy and Or Yehuda, Israel – April 22nd, 2010  3GVision, world leader in barcode-scanning technology for mobile phones, today announced a partnership with Vidiemme Consulting, a digital web marketing company in Italy. The companies are partnering to incorporate 3GVision’s i-nigma, the industry’s most comprehensive barcode solution, in Vidiemme’s suite of innovative mobile marketing solutions.

3GVision’s i-nigma allows advertisers, marketers and media owners to create, manage and analyze two-dimensional barcode campaigns that bring traditional media to life.  Advertisers and publishers create mobile codes and place them on product packaging, newspapers and other types of media.  People who see the codes use the i-nigma reader on their mobile phone to capture the image using the phone’s camera. The application immediately directs them to a Web page that the advertiser specifies, where it is possible to read product information and news updates, display latest offers, receive product demos and much more.

“In recent months, Panorama, la Repubblica and Wired have run 2D barcode campaigns in Italy and we have been seeing, through the i-nigma platform, thousands of daily scans from these campaigns already,” said Ofer Lev, VP Products and Marketing, 3GVision. “Gazzetta dello Sport was the first newspaper to launch a QR campaign in Italy and we expect many more publishers, advertisers and brands to be doing the same shortly.”

“We are excited to join 3GVision as a step towards tailoring our solutions to meet the needs of Italy’s ad agencies, brands and publishers,” said Diego D’Ambrosi, Sales & Marketing Director, Vidiemme “Traditional advertising cannot accurately measure consumers’ interaction with a brand or publisher. With i-nigma, they can easily see consumer interaction, allowing them to make immediate changes to campaigns. This leads to higher consumer engagement and more successful campaigns. Thanks to the partnership with 3GVision, Vidiemme can enrich its suite of mobile solutions”

Get the i-nigma Mobile Barcode Reader:
Join the 150 million members of the i-nigma global family and revolutionize the way you connect to the mobile internet. Get the i-nigma reader – there are two easy ways:
1. On the mobile web - Visit i-nigma mobi on a mobile phone to download i-nigma reader.  I-nigma will automatically identify your handset type.
2. By SMS - Text i-nigma to +449997 882325 (or 07797 882325 in the UK) and a link will be sent direct to your phone
3. Visit you phone’s app store and search for “i-nigma.”

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